Frederico Domondon
Artist Statement

All of my life I have always been fascinated by the impressionist and by the post-impressionists. My paintings are highly influenced by Matisse, Van Gogh and Monet. Viewing my work, there are actually two known styles.

The first one is the use of my bold colors in painting cafes and other cityscapes. Expressionism and Fauvism are the terms for my use of bold colors and spontaneous brushstrokes. Obviously, Van Gogh and Matisse are my inspiration on this technique. With the help of pop music while painting, I am able to create pieces with explosions of color and thick paint and brushstrokes. Creating this is non-stop and I really get into it.

My second style is Impressionism which are my Monet-style paintings. Painting peaceful landscapes, secluded gardens and villas defines tranquillity and serenity. My Impressionistic styled paintings show my quiet side and these paintings are very soothing to look at. Lighting,nature, and flowers are some of my subjects in these paintings. Tuscany, Giverny, Greece, and Burgundy have been my favorite sights so far.

My paintings depict my positive attitude and my appreciation of life. With all the problems going on, my art serves as an object of peace and beauty to help us escape from reality. I feel what I paint, and people have often told me that they felt something when they looked at my work. I would also say, my work has compassion in it to exude those kinds of feelings.

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Frederico Domondon
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